IETF58 in Minneapolis

I visited Minneapolis to attend the IETF meeting

At the IETF meeting

Got together with Miyata-san and USAGI Project people at the lobby.
In the terminal room, Shima-san plays with my new digital camera:-)
At the IETF buffet breakfast

we got together with Samsung people.

You SHOULD not drink too much coke at the IETF buffet breakfast, since a can of coke contains 39 grams of sugar.
(A trivia discovered by Atarashi-san:-) )

A special coffee cup of CAIDA Project:-)

At any IETF session, birds of a feather flock together for power outlet:-)
Engineers drink for the universal deployment of IPv6 at the SCOTCH BOF.


King & I
A chinese buffet restaurant
An Irish pub
An Itallian restaurant
Ruth's Chris

at Airport

I was lucky in my returning trip.
1. My baggage directly went to Narita, although I had to use two airlines in different alliances (Northwest and All Nippon Airways) via Los Angeles.
2. I could get an exit-raw seat between Los Angeles and Narita.
3. My baggage was treated as a first-class customer's one, and I could pick it up at Narita at the head of the baggage claim line (of course, I was an economy-class passenger...).