On my way to Seoul

Haneda Airport (International Terminal)
Compared to its Domestic Terminal or Narita, it is quite small like a local airport
Seoul Subway
Although momose-san presses 700-won button at the ticket vending machine, it actually costs 800-won from Gimpo-Airport to Euljiro-1ga. (Sorry for my misdirection...)

Seoul Downtown

Hotel Lotte Seoul
Namsan Tower
There was a heavy snow during my stay. There had been no snow in March at Seoul in this 100 years, according to my Korean friend!


an outdoor stall @myeong-dong
teok-bokk-gi (a korean sweet rice cake), kko-ji (a grilled beaf on a stick), and man-du (fried dumpling)
a seafood restaurant @myeong-dong
nak-ji-bokk-um (fried octopus), it's the spiciest food than any other foods I've had in this trip!
secure6 meeting dinner @a Korean BBQ restaurant
gal-bi-gu-i (broiling rib), sam-gyeop-sal (broiling poke)
Ko-gu @myeong-dong
dol-seok-bi-bim-bab (a rice mixed with vegitables and meat in a hot bowl made of stone), sik-ke (sweet rice juice)
Yoshifuji-san, a self-styled McDonald critic:-), says it appears similar to US McDonald, but tastes like Japanese McDonald. But for me, there's no difference:-)
Domestic rice juice "A-chim-haes-sal" (Morning Sunshine)

Very sweet beverage, like milk poured to cereals.
According to the explanation on the can,

Here's the list of URLs for this drink (written in Japanese).

Kamja-bau @ap-gu-jeong
Traditional Korean dynasty cuisine
Secure6 lunch meeting @hotel restaurant
Korean BBQ @Hang-u-sik
Gal-bi-gu-i, deung-sim-gu-i(surloin stake), Sam-gye-tang (soup with chiken, rice and vegitable), yuk-hwe (raw beef with egg and Korean-pear)
I was surprised to find Oo-long-tea vendor was Yakult (a famous beverage company in Japan).
Scotch BOF
Here's the "draft" for this BOF!

Miyakawa-san introduced his wife to the party

Itojun-san and ray-san brought their musical instruments to entertain the attendees

Social Event @World-cup Soccer Stadium

Korean Traditional Performance Show
World-cup Stadium
I enjoyed the stadium as if I were a player or a manager:-)

IPv6 Demonstration Tour

IPv6 Showroom @Lotte Hotel
Showroom in Korean Ministry of Information and Communications
Showroom in National Computerization Agency