Airport tax is no longer necessary from Sep 1 2004 at Beijing.


In Airplane(JAL)
a Shanghai Restaurant

Rabbit meat

Pigeon meat

These two are my energy source! :-)

Other food

another Shanghai Restaurant
Yu-ling-dao (Korean Restaurant)

a Chinese Restaurant (Shuang-Cun Yuan)

"Monglian King", a very strong alcohol(59%)!
xing-xin fan-dien
A Japanese restaurant in the 1st floor of our building.
a Japanese restaurant
A gorgeous restaurant

my favorite junk foods:-)

Literally means "very spicy plant". Actually a red-pepper flavored with sesami and peanut. (similar to "tongrapi" in Japan).
Literally means "skillful female cooker". This is yet another red-pepper flavored with sesami and peanut (Precicely speaking, "Qiao-Chu-Niang" is a brand-name of a series of spices, not a name of this product).
Yorgurt with corn flavor:-)


Internet Kiosk at street
Peculiar Japanese...
Chinese people seem to like a Japanese hiragana "no". (they say it's cute)
Sheraton Great Wall Beijing
As broadband Internet connectivity service is not available in my room, I switched to Hilton Beijing. (Sheraton provides broadband Internet connectivity service, but not in every room, whereas in Hilton it's available in every room)
Hilton Beijing
Internet connectivity is provided in every room!
a Chinese Mobile Phone from Hong-Kong
It also works as an MP3 player, Digital Camera, and a Movie Player (and a game player:-)). (Here's a demo).


I tried a shuttle bus to go back to the international airport from San-yuan-qiao. It cost me 16-yuan, quite cheap compared to taxi (about 100-yuan!).

How to ride on a shuttle bus from San-yuan-qiao

  1. just go to the ticket counter near Jin-xin Building (China Min-sheng bank) beside Hilton Beijing (a small stall with a yellow sign board). You can make a reservation through phone if you can speak chinese, but it's normally unnecessary.
  2. pay the fee at the counter.
  3. ride on shuttle bus, and show your ticket to the driver.
  4. you'll reach Beijing International Airport in 20-30 minutes.