I was lucky to have an upgrade (and in the first row!) for my outward flight.


Hotel New Otani Chang-Fu-Gong provides high-speed Internet in my room freely!


Jing-yuan-long Jiao-zi-guan
Guang-zhu Hai-sheng jiu-lou

The following dishes are made from this!

a shanghai restaurant
a worldwide supermarket from France.
Yong-he Da-wang
a yun-nan restaurant

bamboo worm! (not available at this time...)

fried bee!

very spicy rabbit!


This is my favorite snack!
Qiuo-chu-niang Yuan-wei
Yuan-wei = "original taste". It is not so spicy, so it's good for novice red-pepper lovers:-)
guo-yuan lao
guo-yuan lao = "orchid peasant". This brand is exported to japan as "tongarapi". Different from the exported one, it appears to contain red-pepper-oil!
a Japanese restaurant
Hong-Kong Mi-shoku-Cheng


During this stay, I tried several lines of commuting buses. Here's my impression:

airport shuttle (airport -> yabao road/beijing railway station)
Unluckily, my bus was terminated at yabao road, and doesn't go further to beijing station... To make things worse, lots of tout is waiting for the passengers at yaobao road terminal, and it's about 20-minutes walk from yabao road to beijing station...
The following picture is the real beijing railway station terminal.
route 403(ri-tan road -> xiao-liang-ma-qiao, san-yuan-qiao -> ri-tan road)
heavily crowded around the rush hour (7-9AM and 5-7PM). In the other time, frequent and cheap (1 yuan) enough for me to commute between my hotel and office.
route 24(beijing railway station -> n acceptancezuo-jie-zhuang)
Not only frequent and cheap (1 yuan), but not crowded even around the rush hour! But the bus stop is a little bit distant from my hotel and office.
route 953(zuo-jie-zhuang -> li-ge-zhuang)
frequency was too poor for me to try it...
route 420(yan-shan-qiao -> beijing railway station entrance)
a little bit way around, but still cheap (1.5 yuan) maybe exciting since it goes through wang-fu-qing (one of the businest street in beijing).
route 413/418 (dong-zhi-men -> xiao-liang-ma-qiao)
this seems to be the perfect choice, if a subway station is near; frequent, cheap (1 yuan), and near to my office.

how to use a pre-paid phone in beijing

  1. rent a pre-paid phone at international airport etc.
  2. buy a calling card at your hotel, kiosk or a stall on street etc.
  3. scratch the calling card and find the calling card ID
  4. call the calling center and enter the ID to charge the fee.
  5. finally, you'll receive an acceptance mail from the calling center.

how to use a plaster